How LaunchDarkly is scaling product-led sales for their next phase of growth with Endgame main image
Oct 11, 2022

How LaunchDarkly is scaling product-led sales for their next phase of growth with Endgame

David Henry

David Henry

In part one of this customer spotlight, find out how LaunchDarkly approaches product-led sales and how they’re using Endgame to fine-tune how sales drives strategic expansion and wall-to-wall adoption.

Meet LaunchDarkly

LaunchDarkly is a feature management platform that enables companies to control and deliver their software. Founded by Edith Harbaugh and John Kodumal in 2014, the platform provides companies the ability to maximize speed and efficiency in their software delivery.

Revenue Chief of Staff, Joe Ryan, has been with LaunchDarkly for almost six years. In his words, he’s watched the company go from “early stage to a high-growth engine.”  LaunchDarkly grew quickly and organically early on. They had a compelling solution to a real problem, and they optimized their product based on their customers’ needs, but now they are gearing up for the next phase of growth.

We've had the gas pedal down and have done everything we can to grow the business. Now we need to get really smart about how we scale and the investments that we're making.
Joe Ryan
Chief of Staff, Revenue at LaunchDarkly

How LaunchDarkly approaches product-led sales

LaunchDarkly wanted to get really smart about how they drive strategic expansions and wall-to-wall adoption. As they got ready to scale enterprise sales efforts and expand internationally, it became clear they needed to build a repeatable product-led sales motion.

The questions for LaunchDarkly became:

  • How do we identify customers ready to expand and understand depth of usage?
  • How do we experiment with Signals to better understand product adoption?
  • How do we step into our customers’ shoes and advise them on how to extract value from our product?

And this is where Endgame became critical. LaunchDarkly needed to help AEs understand the value a customer is getting out of LaunchDarkly, surface the Signals that indicate expansion, and help AEs focus on the right accounts.

The next phase of growth for our revenue organization is focused on equipping our team to become trusted advisors so that they can ensure the customer is getting as much value out of the product as possible.
Joe Ryan
Chief of Staff, Revenue at LaunchDarkly

How Endgame supports LaunchDarkly’s product-led sales motion

Looking for signs of realized customer value in the first 90 days

There’s a common set of actions that have to happen in order for a company to get value out of LaunchDarkly. The revenue team wanted to see how customers progressed through their journey and if those things happened in the first 90 days. Customer value was based on the core functionality of the product and the problem that it solved, so they looked at product signals for if users integrated a SDK or had a feature flag in production.

Monitoring seat utilization to gauge account health

LaunchDarkly wanted to understand account health by looking at the percentage of seat provisions to license metrics. They looked at how quickly those seats were being assigned to an actual person to determine the risk of renewal downsizing. Joe said, “If they're getting into day 60, and they were only at 20% [of seats assigned], that's a risk signal, and the team wanted to understand why and what they could do to keep the account on track.”

Testing and optimizing their product-led sales motion

LaunchDarkly spent the past year analyzing the relationship between product signals and revenue metrics. The next step is developing a set of actions that various teams can take based on the signals. Joe feels Endgame is a crucial tool in helping them move from reactive to proactive in a way that encourages people to grow their usage—which is the ultimate goal.

Joe says, “The broader answer to this is we've taken a step back and redefined our entire customer journey with the help of Endgame. It's a massive project, and in the end, we're trying to optimize the handoffs and the data that needs to go from one team to another.”

The future for Endgame and LaunchDarkly

Joe looks forward to finding the hidden signals in Endgame that help identify where there's potential for growth in an account. He says that then they can start to develop the right messaging to build a relationship with that account.

It's really helpful to have a partner, especially in an undefined market, to help us gut check our strategy. That was really important and where Endgame stood out compared to other products that are trying to do the same thing.
Joe Ryan
Chief of Staff, Revenue at LaunchDarkly

Joe says that by using Endgame, they’ve already been able to focus sales efforts on the right accounts. But he also says that they're learning a lot about how customers are using the product, and starting to identify interesting Signals, which he sees as a great opportunity to dig deeper into Endgame’s potential.

Stay tuned for part two: LaunchDarkly’s sales perspective, and a glance into what it’s like to work with Endgame’s team.