How LaunchDarkly prioritizes accounts and finds new revenue opportunities with Endgame  main image
Nov 16, 2022

How LaunchDarkly prioritizes accounts and finds new revenue opportunities with Endgame

David Henry

David Henry

In the second part of this customer spotlight, we’ll look at how LaunchDarkly’s corporate sales team is using Endgame to sift through a massive amount of accounts and find high leverage revenue opportunities.

Meet LaunchDarkly’s corporate sales team

Kevin Gemulla, Senior Manager of Corporate Sales describes LaunchDarkly as beneficial to anyone who has software or writes software. The corporate sales team focuses on mid-market businesses. Corporate accounts typically fit either in the Pro or Enterprise tiers of the product. The accounts that start Pro often have expansion potential and the corporate sales team’s goal is to make sure customers are on the right tier to meet their needs.

The tipping point for product-led sales

People are getting a lot more iterative with their development process. But every time you put something into production, it’s going to be risky. LaunchDarkly lets you move at speed with less risk.
Kevin Gemulla
Senior Manager, Corporate Sales at LaunchDarkly

The corporate sales team was focused on better understanding and improving the customer journey in product. This would allow them to be proactive and support what the customer is trying to accomplish based on their product data, resulting in faster, more efficient sales cycles.

To do this, LaunchDarkly needed a way to see both historical and trending information. In their previous workflow, they could see data points on product usage, but they were static. So they knew how many seats an account had, but they didn't know if that number was increasing or decreasing or over what time frame.

We needed Endgame so we could efficiently prioritize customers from a large pool of unknown, untouched accounts, identify the right users, and reach out to those people.
Kevin Gemulla
Senior Manager, Corporate Sales at LaunchDarkly

How Endgame helps LaunchDarkly find and close deals faster

Endgame give LaunchDarkly the capabilities they need to power their product-led sales strategy, and they’ve seen a significant uptick in meetings booked and expansion opportunities from outreach efforts.

Finding new revenue opportunities

The corporate team uses Endgame to prioritize accounts, identify buyers and power users, and reach out at the right time to drive conversion. The AE workflow has been totally transformed because they can pull together the recent account data and organize it in one place and in a way that works for sales.

They’re able to be proactive and personalized in their outreach by using product Signals like percentage of seats provisions, flags created, and flags updated to tell a compelling story.

My team already exceeded what my team did last year in opp gen in just three months with Endgame.
Kevin Gemulla
Senior Manager, Corporate Sales at LaunchDarkly

Building a product-led business case

He attributes the success to looking at Endgame product insights before meeting with prospects. By doing so, the rep can enter the meeting with an understanding of how a user is using LaunchDarkly and how they should direct the conversation. This helps reps be more proactive in helping users get the most out of their subscription and ultimately expand longer-term. He says without Endgame, they wouldn’t have that essential information.

Interested in learning more about how LaunchDarkly uses Endgame? Check out part one of this customer spotlight to hear from Joe Ryan, Chief of Staff, Revenue on how they are scaling their product-led sales motion.