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Oct 18, 2022

Endgame is now generally available

Alex Bilmes

Alex Bilmes

We’ve been heads down working with incredible customers like Figma, Calendly, LaunchDarkly, Loom, and Retool to better understand how the best product-led sales teams operate. And now we’re excited to announce that we’re ready to share Endgame with the world.

Endgame is officially GA and we’re launching a battle-tested product used by sales teams on a daily basis at the fastest growing software companies on the planet. Take a look:

Learning from the best: Figma nailed product-led sales

Figma is the standard of excellence for product-led companies. As a designer by background, and one of Figma’s early beta users, I was thrilled to work with a team that deeply understood the behavior of their users. After all, that’s what product-led sales is all about.

One of the core use cases we focused on with Figma was Pro to Org conversion. Their goal was simple: increase conversion and revenue of Pro accounts to Org.

Now this wasn’t immediately obvious, but the primary driver for upgrading between Pro to Org was their design systems feature (which is awesome!). It turns out, designers duplicating files means their work gets messy and it’s easy to lose track of the source of truth. Design systems help alleviate that.

Endgame helped Figma build sales plays that surface Pro accounts with strong Signal Strength and duplicate design files to the sales team. Reps can click into specific accounts, better understand usage, and personalize Outreach sequences based on the user persona, leading to faster cycles and bigger deals.

Now we’ve rolled Endgame out to their entire sales team—and we can’t wait for what the future holds 🚀

We’re changing the way software is sold

When we announced our Series B round, I laid out our product vision and where we would be making investments. I’m incredibly proud to say we’ve delivered on those promises, and more, in our latest GA release.

We’ve been working on some pretty awesome capabilities that help you:

Discover which product Signals lead to conversion (and expansion)
Autotune uses machine learning to find Signals that you didn’t know about and identify correlations between your best customers and existing users. This allows you to build sales plays around the product signals that matter most to drive conversion.

Find high-leverage revenue opportunities you may have missed
Endgame provides reps with a real-time stream of Signals from their book of business that they should take action on. This helps sales teams be more proactive in their outreach and seize revenue opportunities before they become stale.

Make product data work for sales, without the data team
Endgame’s data model enables data transformations that make user, workspace, and domain data actionable for sales. And most importantly, it enables revenue teams to do it all without having to wait on the data team.

Want to learn more about Endgame? Check out our product page for more.

We should talk 😉

GA means we’re officially open for business. Come join the fastest growing companies on the planet. We’ll walk you through the latest and show you how sales teams are using Endgame in production to close bigger deals faster. Get a demo today.

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