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Jan 26, 2023

How Endgame works with your revenue stack

David Henry

David Henry

In this product update, we introduce integrations with key components of the revenue stack including Segment, Salesforce, Hubspot, Slack, and Outreach.

The worst case scenario for revenue leaders is their team is focused on accounts that won’t close.

There’s one key aspect where product-led companies are missing out on potential revenue – how customers are using the product. Sales intelligence is helpful, but product data is what brings you closest to the customer and ensures that sales is focused on the right accounts. But most revenue teams don't have access to the product data they need.

Why we built Endgame with interoperability in mind

Rep productivity is critical to increase sales velocity. Not just in terms of activities per hour, but in terms of outcomes. The highest performing reps use product data already, but they are spread too thin across BI tools, spreadsheets, custom dashboards and reports. We hear from reps that they spend hours researching accounts and small things like waiting 5 minutes for the Hex app to load kills their sales flow.

Endgame was built for the best product-led companies to orient sales around how customers use the product without making reps moonlight as data analysts. We do that by fitting in the center of your revenue stack and complimenting your existing sales tooling so you can use product data to dial in rep productivity.

Combine product data with GTM data from your CRM

Revenue teams use Endgame to focus on product qualified accounts (PQAs) based on machine learning, ICP fit, and product signals. This requires both GTM and product data to paint a complete picture.

Endgame can tap into product data in your data warehouse or stream event data directly from Segment or Rudderstack. GTM data typically lives in the CRM, making Salesforce or Hubspot key sources for ownership data, enrichment data, demo/firmo data, and more used to streamline the sales workflow and layer on ICP fit.

Endgame then maps these data sources and applies machine learning to look at historical product usage and conversion data to create a score (Signal Strength) and surface the accounts that are most likely to convert.

Push notifications to Slack so sales can be proactive

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Slack integration in Endgame

Our Slack integration powers proactive notifications so reps can decrease time-to-signal and capitalize on revenue opportunities. Reps use notifications to get daily updates on new PQAs in their territory or recent Signals they should take action on.

These notifications are highly customizable and can be tailored to specific use cases using your underlying product event data or Endgame machine learning. Reps can also monitor usage during an evaluation or POC to ensure that customers are realizing value – enabling them to be proactive partners in deals, leading to higher close rates and faster sales cycles.

Add a prospect to a targeted Outreach sequence from Endgame

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Outreach integration in Endgame

Our Outreach integration ties together product data with email sequencing and personalization, so reps can easily connect the dots between product behavior and messaging to drive better response rates and more qualified pipeline. In Endgame, reps can dial in on a PQA, quickly find an ideal prospect, and add them to the relevant sequence based on how they or their team uses the product.

Send product data and signals downstream to your other tools

Endgame shows you who your best accounts are in the context of their product journey, and most of our customers want to fuel downstream tools with those insights as well.

One way Sales managers use Endgame’s Signal Strength is as a datapoint for validating forecasts and prioritizing deals. This gives sales managers a way to compare rep’s reported likelihood to close to a defensible and verifiable product events, and we do that by augmenting the CRM with that data point.

Signal Strength can also be used in automation to power more personalized and high converting customer journeys. Endgame can write back to Segment or a data warehouse as the source of truth to do this, or connect directly to automation tools like Salesforce and Hubspot to incorporate Signal Strength into those systems.

Learn more about Endgame and how the fastest growing companies are using it to increase sales velocity by requesting a live demo.