Go deeper on the accounts and users in your territory with Details View  main image
May 19, 2022

Go deeper on the accounts and users in your territory with Details View

Ty Kauffman

Ty Kauffman

In this product update, we introduce Details View: a new feature that helps sales reps understand how different people within an account are using the product in a fast and actionable way.

The sales game is all about accounts. However, accounts alone aren’t actionable. In product-led sales, it’s the users within each account that make the difference.

  • Who is most active?
  • Who is inviting others?
  • Who is hitting quota limits or viewing upgrade modals?

All of these are key details that impact the way you sell. And until now, they’ve been hard questions to answer.

Why we built Details View

Every rep has their list of accounts in Endgame. It's easy to sort and filter by Signal Strength, recent activity, or Trends. But once you've identified an account to engage with, you need to figure out which person at that account to engage.

Afterall, it’s individual people who make purchase decisions. Equally as important, you need to have context on how that user is using your product (or what features they're not using yet) so you know what to say to be most effective.

Details View was built to help sales reps understand how different people within an account are using the product in a fast and actionable way. The result is that sales reps can now see a complete picture of what is happening within accounts without relying on data or product teams.

How Details View is surfaced in Endgame

You can access an account's Details View from any of your views by clicking on an account's name or searching for it.

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The account Details View page aggregates a variety of different insights including a sortable, customizable list of users within the account, key account metadata and aggregate metrics, charts showing product usage Trends, and a timeline showing who is doing what within your product.

This is the ‘what do I need to know’ view that tells you who you should focus your time on within an account and gives you a sense for overall account health and activity.

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Almost every piece of information in the account Details View is customizable. You can choose up to 5 data points to chart, adjust the chart date range, customize table columns, and adjust sidebar fields.

This allows customization for a given sales motion. For example, a sales assist motion may care most about onboarding completion, setup progress, and friction points such as misconfiguration or errors. Whereas an enterprise upsell motion may care more about advanced feature utilization, seat utilization, or resource consumption.

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You can examine an individual user by clicking their row within the list. Their name, email, and key information is displayed, along with customizable action buttons and a timeline of their most recent activity.

By clicking “View Detail”, you can visit the user Details View page, which renders configurable charts showing key product usage metrics over time for that specific user. This can all be used to better personalize outreach to a customer and show you recent inflection points that merit reaching out.

How successful customers use Details View

Identifying power users and champions
The account Details view is used to quickly identify who the power users, buyers, and champions are within each account. It gives you user-level granularity so you can understand the full picture of how the individual people use your product to informs how you prospect and personalize outreach.

Identifying and actioning on Trends
The account Detail View’s charts and account-level metrics make it easy to see whether an account is trending in a healthy direction or a direction that spells trouble.

We see sales reps and success teams alike use Details View to track how their accounts use the product and if usage is growing, stagnating, or declining. This enables proactive outreach well before the opportunity to win or save an account passes.

Proving value to customers during negotiation and deal close
When it comes time to make a business case to a free, trialing, or upsell prospect, we find many of our customers export the account’s Details View for customer-facing presentations.

The charts and product usage data points encapsulate the value end-users are already getting (some of which the buyer may not even be fully aware of!). “Did you know Alice created 7 widgets yesterday? And Bob— he logs in every morning!” It’s an incredibly powerful sales technique—to show the buyer their own team’s success using the product they are considering to buy.

Learn how reps at Shortcut use Endgame's Details View to look at product adoption across users, identify power users and champions, and engage them in Outreach with personalized email sequences.