Know exactly when Signals are firing and how to take action with the Feed main image
Dec 8, 2022

Know exactly when Signals are firing and how to take action with the Feed

David Henry

David Henry

In this product update, we introduce the Feed, a new feature that gives users a stream of Signals they should take action on, helping sales be more proactive and efficient.

Why we built the Feed

Winning in product-led sales isn’t about hammering cold calls to existing users; it’s about picking up on the product Signals and Trends that indicate a customer wants to do more with your product – and wants to pay money to do it.

Making that a reality for sales when a modern SaaS product can generate millions of data points can be a daunting task. Luckily, Endgame was built for this, and the Feed is a super actionable place for sales reps to go to see the Signals they should take action on.

How to use the Feed in Endgame

The Feed organizes Signals with daily updates so that sales has the most recent information at their fingertips. The feed is tailored to Accounts that are owned by the user, so the information is always relevant. Users can find the Feed on the left side navigation bar, or they can Add to Slack to be notified in a Slack channel.

How it works

The Feed is fueled by Signals which are highly customizable to your product and specific motion. Signals have three different types that can be surfaced in the Feed: Thresholds, Significant Increase, and Every Time.

  • Thresholds: Signals that you want to meter and know exactly when a customer has exceeded a specific number.
  • Significant Increase: Signals that show a sudden surge in adoption of a specific feature or action.
  • Every Time: Signals that you just can’t miss out on.

To learn more and see how/when to use each, check out the Product Update on Signals.

Customizing the Feed

By clicking the Signal Strength filter, Users can select specific Signal Strength ratings to surface in the Feed. This can help reps slice and dice recent Signals depending on their product-led sales play.

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Customizing Signal Strength in the Feed

If you’re laser focused on a specific play, e.g. Pro to Enterprise, the Segment filter allows you to narrow in on customers by type. This helps reps focus on the right accounts depending on their workflow. For example, if you want to generate pipeline from Free or Trial accounts, you can easily click into those and see only the ones with a high potential to convert.

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Customizing Segments in the Feed

Working the Feed into your workflow

Once you’ve narrowed in on an account of interest, the Feed also provides context on the account. If you hover over the account’s Signal Strength, you can quickly see which Signals are contributing to the rating so you have confidence that you’ve got a good one on the line.

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Signal overlay for the Feed

Once you've selected an Account that you want to dig into, you can click into the account directly from the Feed and see all of the users and workspaces. This View will show you all the information you need with the ability to sort by a variety of Signals to help you find the right prospects or buyers to add to your outreach.

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Account view for the Feed

How successful customers use the Feed

Building free to paid pipeline

Sales teams use the Feed throughout the quarter to mine their free user base for revenue opportunities. To do this, Reps set the Segment to Free and look at recent Signals over the past few days to make their prospecting efforts more efficient and productive.

Monitoring paid account upsell

Reps that are focused on conversion between paid tiers use the Feed to track accounts that are adopting a feature that indicates likelihood to convert. For example, Figma uses Endgame to find Pro accounts that are creating duplicate design files and targets those accounts to convert to their Org plan.

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