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Jun 30, 2022

Discover the users and accounts that matter with Filters

Sophia Fleming-Benite

Sophia Fleming-Benite

In this product update, we introduce Filters: a new feature that makes it easy for product-led sales teams to try out filters for different product signals so they can discover new users and accounts of interest.

For most of the product-led sales teams we work with, this is the first time they’ve had access to product signals and usage trends. To make it straightforward for how sales reps should use this new capability, we surfaced product signals in the form of Views, i.e. lists of users and accounts based on product usage.

Why we built Filters

After months of adoption, we started to notice that users were shying away from changing Filters on Views because they were afraid of altering something for the rest of their team. This limited creativity when sales reps had a ton of great ideas for how to uncover new revenue opportunities in their territory.

So, we revamped Filters to make the exploration of product signals more interactive–without changing the View for anyone else.

It turns out, the temporary nature of Filters is critical – because there might be thousands of users or accounts in a View, and for individual sales reps to take action, they need to narrow that down to manageable number. Filters makes this easier than ever.

How to use Filters in Endgame

Now, individual users can add, remove, and change filters and see how it changes the data in the View in real-time. These are essentially temporary Views that sales reps can test and learn with as they go.

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To find Filter, open a User or Account View and click the ‘+’ sign at the top. This will open a drop-down menu of all potential product signals that you can choose from.

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Then, select a threshold where relevant, and hit enter. Endgame will dynamically recalculate your View with this new filter and indicate it as a temporary Filter with a blue dot. If you like the results and want to share the update with the rest of your team, you can select ‘Save for Everyone’ to push the updated Filter across all other owners of the View.

Existing permissions will stay intact, so only users with admin privileges will be able to apply the change to shared Views.

How successful customers use Filters

Finding prospects to add to personalized sequences based on product usage
Sales reps use Filters to dial in their views for specific Outreach sequences. For example, if they have a sequence for accounts that have added over 5 seats in the past 30 days or are using a premium feature, they can apply a Filter to only surface those accounts and quickly decide who they want to add. This makes it easier to personalize messaging based on the customer’s product usage and signals.

Identifying accounts and users with surging product signals
Sales reps use Filters to test out different product signals and see how many users or accounts are surging that fit those criteria. For example, a sales rep can take a shared View, select themselves as the lead owner, and quickly run different tests for surging product signals like accounts with overages on credits, >10% changes in Signal Strength, or adoption of premium features.

Toggling between rep ownership and entire regions
Sales managers use Filters to toggle ownership between individual sales reps and their entire region so they can see all relevant accounts for users. This helps focus 1:1 conversations with sales reps and gives managers a high level view of revenue opportunities for their team.