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Apr 5, 2023

Cut out the noise by adding firmographic Filters to Product Signals

David Henry

David Henry

In this product update, we introduce an enhancement to Signals that allows reps to add firmographic Filters to target specific titles, teams, segments, verticals, and more.

Signals tell reps when to take action with the context to know how to provide value. Product-led sales is all about bringing together product and firmographic data to contextualize the sales process so reps can focus on the right accounts, find new expansion opportunities, and be more productive.

Learn more about how to use product and firmographic data to drive revenue in our expansion guide.

Why we added Filters to Signals

We added Filters to Signals so sales teams could incorporate firmographic data into how they surface Signals– so they are always high value and actionable.

To do this, you need to make sure that sales reps aren’t bombarded with alerts for accounts and users that will never buy. By layering firmographic Filters onto Product Signals, sales teams can reduce noise by creating alerts for Signals that drive conversion, but only for people that matter and flag new team usage for expansion opportunities.

How Filters work

You can add a Filter for any user Signal in Endgame. To configure Filters, open the Segments page, and click Configure Signals for the Segment you want to adjust. From there, you can select the Signal that you want to apply a Filter to and either use the picklist or type one in to bubble it up.

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Configure Filters in the Segment panel

Get notified when target buyers do something meaningful

Now you can setup Signals for specific titles that align to your sales cycle. A common example we’ve seen is monitoring for when a VP visits the pricing page, although you can select any Signal and any title to specialize this approach.

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Filter Signals by Title

Reduce noise by focusing on company segments

In addition, you can look for Signals from customers in specific customer segments, like SMB, mid market, or enterprise. This helps teams reduce noise for sales and can help increase revenue throughput for high priority sales motions.

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Filter Signals by Company Size

Detect expansion opportunities in other teams

For wall-to-wall expansion, Filters can also be used to detect expansion opportunities in other teams by looking for Signals from teams that aren’t currently using the product. In this case, you can narrow in on teams that are in the Engineering department, or exclude the Engineering department if you want to expand into other business units.

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Filter Signals by Team

These are just a few examples, and we built Filters with flexibility in mind. So dig in and feel free to reach out to the Endgame team to see how Filters can improve your product-led sales motion.

Learn more about Endgame and how the fastest growing companies are using it to increase sales velocity by requesting a live demo.