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Mar 16, 2023

Personalize outreach using product data quickly and easily with Prospect Multi-Select

David Henry

David Henry

In this product update, we introduce Prospect Multi-select, a new feature that makes it easy for sales reps to add users to personalized sequences based on their product behavior.

We are excited to announce a new feature in Endgame: Prospect multi-select!

Prospect multi-select allows users to add prospects to Outreach sequences in groups instead of individually. This helps save time prospecting by making it easier to add prospects to personalized sequences with product data.

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Prospect Multi-select in action

How Prospect Multi-select works

Prospect Multi-select is an intuitive feature that leverages our existing Outreach integration to make it easier than ever to personalize sequences with product data.

Step 1: Select users to add to a sequence

Reps can select specific users to add to a sequence based on shared characteristics. Users can be added from an Account where they all work for the same company, a Workspace where they are all part of the same org, or a User view where they might not have anything in common other than a shared Signal.

Simply select the users you want to add on the left hand side of the View. In this case, we are focusing in on customer success and support users in the Auto.Ai account.

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Easily select multi prospects with shared characteristics

Step 2: Select a personalized sequence

From there, Endgame users can see a roll-up view of all the users they have selected and can choose between a dynamic list of Sequences currently built in their Outreach account. Endgame will pull up your sequences automatically when you configure the Outreach integration, so there's no need to manually add sequences to the list.

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Pick a personalized sequence from the drop-down list

Step 3: Complete in Outreach or let the automated sequence roll!

Now that target prospects are added to a sequence, one of two things will happen. If the sequence includes custom variables in the email copy, the prospects will be added to your task list in Outreach to complete those fields. If the sequence is fully automated, rest assured those emails will begin to send based on the sequencing logic and timeframes you have built in Outreach.

And that's it!

In three quick steps you've identified a set of ideal prospects, selected a personalized sequence based on product Signals, and kicked off the sequence so you can spend more time working deals instead of prospecting.

Learn more about Endgame and how the fastest growing companies are using it to increase sales velocity by requesting a live demo.