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Jun 23, 2022

Find the account or user you're looking for with Search

David Henry

David Henry

In this product update, we introduce Search: a new feature that makes it easy for sales teams to look up accounts or users of interest so they can get an instant read on product signals and usage trends without relying on data teams or BI tools.

When you have thousands of users, running a quick search is easier said than done. Sales reps who don’t moonlight as data analysts typically rely on data teams for specific requests or spend hours each week combing through BI tools to find what they are looking for.

Why we built Search

We wanted to make the search process super simple so the teams closest to the customer can run their day-to-day with direct access to product usage data. Now, sales teams can look up specific accounts and users, ask questions, and find answers – all in one place and across all users.

How successful customers use Search

Preparing for a meeting with a customer or prospect
Customer success and sales teams use Search to prepare for meetings with customers or prospects. This helps make the conversation more relevant and keeps the meeting focused on how the customer is getting value from the product today and where they are headed.

Getting intel on new prospects
Sometimes your next revenue opportunity isn’t already on your radar, and you need to get some intel. Sales reps use Search to look up product usage data for new prospects like network or customer referrals, partner leads, or executive relationships that have high revenue potential but fall outside of their existing PLG motion.

How to use Search in Endgame

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Users can find Search on the left hand sidebar under 'Global Search'. Using this feature is as simple as clicking on the magnifying glass and typing in the account or user you want to look up.

Search references all users, accounts, and domains in your product regardless of owner, type, or plan so you can always find what you're looking for.