Welcome to product-led sales

Endgame lets you connect the dots between user behavior and sales opportunities, without expensive data scientists or engineers.

Without endgame

DIY data tools are a nightmare to build and maintain.

The world's first customer observability platform.

The Problem

Reps are flying blind

GTM teams can’t connect the dots between product usage and sales opportunities.

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Lack of visibility

GTM teams with a free plan or trial lack visibility into the behavior of their signups, trial users, and sales opportunities.

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No way to prioritize

Revenue leaders waste countless hours figuring out which accounts and users their reps should engage with.

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Reps don’t know what action will lead to the best outcomes, which results in the wrong action (or no action at all).

The Solution

Customer observability

Take immediate action on prospective and current customers based on real-time data signals.


Real-time journeys

See what top accounts and users are doing in your product, how far along their journey they’ve come, and whether or not they need your team’s help.

Needs help

Highly engaged


Prioritized account lists

Improve the performance of your reps by showing them the prospects and opportunities with the strongest signals.

Score based on engagement + customer fit


Next best action

Increase conversion likelihood by taking the right action directly from Endgame’s UI or trigger the engagement tools you and your team already use.

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