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product-led sales

Endgame lets you connect the dots between product signals and sales opportunities without waiting on data teams so you can close bigger deals faster.

The best companies grow revenue with Endgame


Sales reps are flying blind

Revenue teams can't connect the dots between product usage and sales opportunities.

Lack of visibility

Lack of visibility

GTM teams lack holistic visibility into the behavior of customer signups, trial users, and sales opportunities.

No way to prioritize

No way to prioritize

Revenue leaders waste countless hours figuring out which accounts and users their reps should engage with.



Reps don’t know what action will lead to the best outcomes, which results in the wrong action (or no action at all).


Product-led sales

Build your sales motion around how customers use your product with real-time product signals.


See how customers use your product in real-time

See what top accounts and users are doing in your product, how far along their journey they’ve come, and whether or not they need your team’s help.

Needs help

Highly engaged


Focus energy on recent behavior changes

Illuminate high-leverage revenue opportunities based on recent customer behavior, so reps can sell more efficiently to high value accounts.

Score based on engagement + customer fit


Take immediate action to drive conversion

Increase conversion by taking the right action directly from Endgame’s UI with integrations to the tools your team already uses.

Starting with sales engagement tools

Loved by revenue teams

The teams at the forefront of product-led sales are using Endgame to close bigger deals, faster.

Jesus Requena

VP of Growth Marketing

Figma’s growth flywheel builds on our self-serve users with product-led sales to grow revenue. Endgame is at the heart of that and has been a pivotal step forward in the evolution of our revenue stack.

Graham Norwood

Enterprise Account Executive

Endgame is a valuable part of my workflow that helps me sift through an endless list of accounts and win deals I wouldn’t have found otherwise.

Joe Ryan

Chief of Staff, Revenue

Endgame is a really helpful partner to have to gut check our product-led sales strategy. That was where Endgame stood out compared to other products trying to do the same thing.

Aaron Cramer

Sr. Enterprise Account Executive

Endgame reduces 20-30 minutes of research on a single account down to 30 seconds across an entire book of accounts.

Sam Taylor

VP of Sales and Success

This approach really helps drive focus and action for sales, which is invaluable given the number of users we have on our platform.

Kevin Gemulla

Sr. Manager, Corporate Sales

My team already exceeded what we did last year in opp gen in just three months with Endgame.

Jonathan Krangel

Head of RevOps

Endgame allows me to take a highly opinionated view on product-led sales and build a revenue engine around it.

Kian Zanganeh

Growth Operations Manager

Our product-led sales motion is built on Endgame and we will continue to fit it into our process until where we know not a single studio org is falling through the cracks.

Adam Knobel

Head of Sales

We bought Endgame because it was the only product that organized usage data in a way that was immediately actionable for our sales team.

Jason Tange

Head of Customer Success

Endgame is the backbone for how customer-facing teams at Journey guide the customer to value throughout their lifecycle and it helps us convert more users to paying customers.

Michael Butler

Head of GTM

If you are considering a tool to arm your customer teams with rich insights about how users interact with your product, the team at Endgame go above and beyond to make sure youre successful.

Chris Schnaidt

Account Executive

Its hard to imagine prospecting without Endgame now.

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