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Feb 8, 2022

We've raised a $30M Series B

Alex Bilmes

Alex Bilmes

Tl;dr — Since our Series A announcement in July, we’ve built a killer product, added some incredible customers that include product-led visionaries such as Retool, LaunchDarkly, Airbyte, Algolia, Shortcut, Grain, and raised a Series B to step on the gas and accelerate. Buckle up, 2022 is going to be an exciting year 🚀

2021 was a wild, crazy ride

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Our first offsite in the high desert of Denver (just kidding, this is a scene from Mad Max)

The Endgame team came together almost exactly a year ago today. Our past experiences inspired us to package our pain and start the Product-Led Sales category. We had a simple goal: help great product-led businesses become even greater by leveraging product data to supercharge their sales motion. We’ve been on a tear ⚡️

  • Our team went from 2 to 15, and we hired our first sales and marketing #endgamers
  • We worked with our incredible design partners to build a product that sales, growth, and success teams are raving about and using in their daily workflow
  • We have added a number of customers to our list, including Retool, LaunchDarkly, Airbyte, Algolia, Shortcut, ContentFly, and Grain

We couldn’t be more thrilled about everything we’ve accomplished, and are deeply grateful for the support from our customers, design partners, and investors. With that said, we’re just getting started!

The endgame of product-led growth (pun entirely intended)

We live in a defining time when it comes to building and scaling software businesses. Today, most SaaS businesses are either starting with a bottom-up motion or are rethinking their go-to-market strategy to invest in product-led growth. This new world is centered around three core growth levers:

  1. Build a product that users love
  2. Enable self-service adoption and usage
  3. Sell to your existing users and customers

Endgame is focused on #3 and we call this product-led sales. This is particularly important given today’s market dynamics. Why? Product-led businesses are ripping, and for good reason. Users prefer signing up and trying out different products, buyers prefer to purchase when their teams are already getting value, companies benefit from an efficient sales model, and sales teams dream of selling to people who already love their product.

It’s hard not to get excited. As a result, product-led businesses are now raising capital at ambitious valuations—some recent examples being Miro, Figma, Airbyte, Airtable—and now there’s more pressure than ever to deliver on elevated expectations. The #1 priority for leaders is driving revenue from their existing bottom-up funnel, which is where Endgame comes in.

Enter Endgame

Endgame is able to take all the data from your product, CRM, and data warehouse and use it to identify which accounts and users are best to engage with and why. You can use Endgame for a number of different use cases, such as helping users become successful, prospecting trials, and expanding current customers. Your entire go-to-market team can collaborate within Endgame—after all, product-led sales is a team sport.

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While we’ve already built a product that is used and loved by many of the world’s leading product-led companies, our vision is ambitious and the best is yet to come! We’ve been spending a lot of time with our early customers (thank you for listening to my not-so-funny jokes!) and they’ve told us what they want. The future of product-led sales requires that we deliver on a few key themes:

Surfacing recency and change

The best product-led companies focus on the behavior of their customers over time, e.g., if you have 50 active users and that drops to 0, or if a customer didn’t login for 2 months and there was a recent surge in usage. This insight is invaluable, but it’s nearly impossible to get from traditional CRMs like Salesforce, since those systems can’t handle time series data.

Recommending product signals with Autotune

Data science is pivotal to our product vision. It’s critical when teams are trying to figure out what product signals are highly causal to conversion within a particular customer segment, e.g., free to pro, pro to enterprise. While your gut instinct is a great place to start, the real unlock is in measuring previous conversions and telling you something you don’t already know. Stay tuned (see what I did there 😏).

Removing the dependency on data teams

Great revenue teams want to experiment with go-to-market playbooks, since they’re always looking for an edge. To enable this, we are building a data modeling layer that enables a non-technical person to transform and shape their data, without needing help from the data or engineering team.

We have the backing to win

Our Series B raise gives us an additional $30M, and a total funding amount of $47.5M, to deliver on our promise. The round was led by Laura Yao of EQT Ventures and we're very excited to have her join our board as an observer. Laura sits on multiple boards—including Netlify and Airkit—and brings invaluable insight to business building in a product-led world. You can read more from Laura in her blog post.

Let’s work together

If you’d like to try Endgame, please sign up for our beta below. We’re processing requests as quickly as possible, so please bear with us!
If you’re interested in working with us, we’re hiring across all functions, including but not limited to data science, engineering, product, marketing, and customer success. You can see currently open jobs or you can reach out to talk to us for any role.
Thank you to everyone who’s rooting for Endgame from the sidelines. Your support means the world to us!