Your operating system for
product-led sales

Endgame helps sales teams find new opportunities, identify buyers and champions, understand product usage, and take immediate action to close bigger deals faster.

Without endgame

Maximize revenue from your existing user base

Endgame powers key use cases in product-led sales, from free to paid conversion to landing your biggest enterprise deals.

use case

Convert customers from Pro to Org

Figma uses Endgame to identify Pro accounts that are likely to convert to Org. The design systems feature is the main driver for upgrading, so their sales team looks for accounts with duplicate design files and then runs a play to convert them.


Find Pro accounts that are likely to convert

Look for Figma Pro accounts with duplicate design files


Identify buyer and add to sequence to book meeting

Sort users by invites sent and personalize email based on usage


Tell personalized value story

Explain product usage and benefits of design systems feature in Org plan

Upgrade account to Org

Close Org plan upgrade and send info on the new design system feature

Orient your sales motion around how customers use your product

Endgame helps sales reps find new revenue opportunities, build compelling product-led business cases, and close deals faster by putting your product data to work for sales.


Find high-leverage revenue opportunities

Get a real-time stream of Signals from your book of business that you should take action on. Focus on the accounts who are most likely to convert based on recent activity.


Get the answers you’re looking for in seconds

Slice and dice product data to see recent changes, analyze account and user Signals, and identify buyers and champions without having to jump between spreadsheets, BI tools, and CRM.


Discover which product Signals lead to conversion

Use machine learning to find Signals that you didn’t know about and identify correlations between your best customers and existing users. Build sales plays around the product signals that matter most.

data modeling

Make product data work for sales

Create data transformations to support product-led sales and make user, workspace, and domain data actionable. And do it all without having to go to the data team.

Endgame integrates with your existing sales tools so you can take immediate action based on product signals

Ingest ownership/CRM data and take Salesforce actions

Get Slack alerts with a summary of recent changes in your accounts

Seamlessly add users to Outreach sequences

Ingest real-time event data from Segment

Sync customer data from your data warehouse to Endgame

Sync customer data from your data warehouse to Endgame